Great leaders who are behind the scenes

Leaders are not just in the board room or in the pulpit, or in some other capacity that places them in front of large bodies of people. There are great leaders behind the scenes. People you’ll never see, whose names you’ll never know. People who pour into others by example helping them to become the best leaders they can be as well.

I bet many of you reading this fit that special category. You are raising children or grandchildren of integrity. You are influencing students to learn and to care about their future. You are legacy minded therefore you are molding and shaping the future of the next generation. Perhaps you are influencing others in ways that are helping them to become great leaders. You are leading people to care about good character, keeping their word, walking with integrity and serving others not just themselves.  You are teaching, influencing, impacting adults in ways that perhaps doesn’t put you on the front-lines of the public but it gives you the privilege to be on the front-lines of being a part of shaping someones life for good. Positive influence goes a long way and it comes from the right leadership.

When I look back over my life I can see a handful of people who impacted my life in positive ways personally, professionally and in ministry. They are the reason I am the woman — the wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, leader, mentor, teacher, pastor, author and business woman that I am. Some of them are deceased now, others are still making a great impact on the lives of people. I am grateful to all of them. As I learned from them, I passed on to my children (who are now adults), and now to my grandchildren and to others who I have had the pleasure to serve for many years.

Who has influenced your life in a positive way? If you can, reach out today and let them know how much you appreciate them. Whose life are you influencing right now by how you live and what you teach? It’s a powerful, beautiful privilege to sow your life experiences and knowledge into someone else to help him or her to become their best. What’s the leadership legacy you want to leave behind? Good leadership builds people and that ripple affect can change a community, a city, a state, a country and the world.

Remember, good leadership is not solely on a platform where you can be seen or become well known but rather good leadership is often found in the quiet places and space of life where people are doing live to the fullest and in the most simplest and powerful of ways.

Teachingis thegreatest actof optimism.


BE your best, DO your best and GIVE your best to others. That’s a great contribution that WE can all make.



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