Give Me a Silent Ride

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Woman walking cross country and trail in autumn forestBy Mary Zatkalik

I love people. I really do. Sometimes they can drive me crazy like when I travel and end up sitting next to a nervous, chatty type. I’m a nervous traveler myself. On one hand, I enjoy the stimulation of a busy airport and the thrill of taking off and landing, but what makes me nervous is the two-hour drive to the airport in heavy traffic and standing in long security lines. In my nervousness to be on time, I tend to clam up.

My worst experience was last year when a dominant female sat next to me in the shuttle going to the Phoenix airport. Not only did she talk non-stop, she invaded my space. Granted, I had every right to open my mouth and set some boundaries, but I didn’t and suffered through it. How else would she have been able to show me all 200 photos of her family lodging in her smart phone? I didn’t care for her politics or worldview either. You can imagine my pounding headache as we approached Southwest Airlines where she, highly stimulated and happy, stepped out. I learned something from this experience. I should have prayed that morning and asked Jesus for some favor.


A few weeks ago, I was airport bound again. As my husband drove me to the shuttle depot, I asked him to pray over my itinerary. He asked the Lord to place me strategically en route where I can be a blessing to someone. I was enjoying a bench seat all to myself when we approached the last stop and picked up a gentleman carrying a bunch of gear. He sat in my row and I smiled and said “Good Morning!” No response. Not a word! Then minutes later, I heard this robot contraption reply very slowly: “G.o.o.d. M.o.r.n.i.n.g.” My prayer was answered in a surprising way! The man could not speak and I could not sign, but what a blessing our ride was for the two of us while the rest of the passengers jabbered away. Talk about favor!

After getting through security and grabbing some airport coffee, I called my hubby and said, “You are not going to believe how our prayer was answered.” I always smile when I think of the way Jesus cares about the tiniest details of our lives.

Jeremiah 33:3 says “Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” NASB

When have you called on the Lord and His answer surprised you?


Profile PicMary Zatkalik. A wife, a mom of two daughters, a grandmother of two girls, retired and enjoys country living.  My family and friends are important to me, but Jesus is my lifeline.  You can find Mary at her blog: Piles of Smiles or on Twitter.

9 Responses to Give Me a Silent Ride

  1. Mary: Thank you for reminding us how vital prayer is in our lives. I had to smile as I read how God answered your prayers! Not only does God care, but often I find such a sweet sense of humor in his answers.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  2. I have to laugh at the difference in the two encounters you mentioned Mary. I remember a plane ride home from Atlanta when I was squeezed in the middle between two women. One was watching one of those housewives reality shows and the other was complaining. I prayed about it and by the time our plane landed in Phoenix, the three of us were sharing our stories and exchanging emails. The one woman told me she needed to be reminded of her faith in Jesus. Some time people need a little dose of encouragement. Btw, we continue to be Facebook friends to this day. You never know …

    But I do agree about praying in all situations Mary. Thank you for this post.

    Blessings and love,

  3. God can be so funny (and fun!) sometimes, can’t He?! I loved your story, and the way that you asked your husband to pray about your itinerary. I usually pray for traveling safety when we go places, but I haven’t prayed about the people we might meet. I like that idea.

    I do have a *chance* encounter that happened the other day I’d like to share. My hubby and I went for a long driving adventure to celebrate our 9th anniversary. Well, at one point we ended up in a very small town at an antique shop. Lo and behold, the lady behind the counter was a wonderful Christian, and director of her small church’s Women’s Ministries program. We talked and talked. At one point, she mentioned something about one of the owners – that her mother, now deceased, had once owned a gift shop in the town where we live (like 1 1/2 hours away). Well, as the conversation progressed, we realized that the woman had also owned the house that my sons and their dad bought and remodeled up here years ago! Small world, indeed. I ended up meeting this woman, and she talked all about her mom and her sisters, the old house, the remodel, etc. This woman and her sisters are into all sorts of New Age beliefs. So, after she left, we two women believers talked about our desire for these women to meet the Lord. I had our Bible Study ladies pray for them yesterday.

    I have a feeling that we might meet again, for God does some amazing things when He chooses to place a *God appointment* in our paths!


  4. Solid gold, my friend; solid gold! I love your sense of humor (a God-gift, I’m sure); and how honest you are about those things that daunt you. I’ll never go to the airport again without remembering this. Hugs …

  5. Thanks for the reminder that our Father is in all aspects of our lives, Mary, the little ones, and the big ones. Excellent perspective! The great thing about traveling is it is chalked full of potential stories and lessons to share!

  6. Oh gosh … I think I remember your mentioning “that woman” last year. Wasn’t she the one who was thrusting smart-phone pix of her grandkids at you? I had to smile at your last encounter with the stranger who could not speak … there are no accidents, are there?

  7. Hi Mary! Oh, I think you’d be a blessing to anyone. But this really was a special encounter. Imagine how surprised this man must have been…and then to see how receptive and ‘un-freaked out’ you were. Wonderful!

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