To keep your sanity sometimes you have to say No. It’s not personal. It’s wisdom!

I shared this on my private profile page on Facebook and in no time there were 41 likes and counting! Why? Because we all relate to this! We can all feel a little insane at times with our full schedules. We have to be careful about “busy” work but the truth is, most of us are not just busy, we are actually doing what is necessary for our families, livelihoods, ministries and other responsibilities. However, we only have a certain amount of awake hours in our day to do what we need to do. Saying No to certain things is not only necessary, it’s smart!

I finished a coaching client call just before 8pm last night. It was my last for the day. I was about to close up my office for the evening when I saw a text message from someone who wanted to talk last night. I hesitated. I almost text her to say, “Let’s talk now” and then I caught myself and said, “No Lisa, you need to eat dinner, rest and spend time with hubby.” I text her and requested a different day/time to speak.  We had a wonderful evening and I didn’t feel like a person with my head shopped off running around to meet additional needs. I had put in an amazing full day and it was hubby/wife and rest time!

At times we may pray and ask God for balance, for our schedules to not be as hectic and perhaps even pray for more energy when in fact what is needed is more boundaries to our lifestyle.  It’s OK and necessary to sometimes say No.

How about you? Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately? What areas of your life do you need to say No? What’s preventing you from defending your time so that you can have more time for what’s important in your day-to-day life? Remember, it’s not personal, it’s using wisdom. It’s a wonderful way to defend your time and your family life!