What an amazing time we had on The Whole Woman online radio program, sharing with Leah Adams from The Point Ministries. Our topic of discussion today was: Faith, Character, Holiness and how that impacts the Legacy we leave.  Some of the points Leah shared were:


  • People are tired of seeing fake. They want to see us (Christians) be real people–transparent about our failures and not just talking about our successes and triumphs.
  • Faith is a cornerstone of godly legacy. Leah referenced Romans 12:1-2 and John 14:6.
  • “Faith is believing He can and trusting that He will” – Max Lucado


  • Character is a set of qualities that make us up as people; make us distinctive one from another and should be in line with the Word of God.
  • Leah’s Grandma said, “What’s down in the well is what comes up in the bucket”
  • We addressed the mindset of acceptable sins and how that affects our character and the legacy we’ll leave.
  • “If your conduct doesn’t match your confession, there’s a contradiction.” Author unknown.


  • Requires us to be different and we don’t like to be different.
  • We’ve been set apart; reserved for special use by God.
  • Leah shares her personal testimony and what she calls the “horrific sexual sins” after the age 15 when she became a Christian.  Her desire to please God eventually is what drew her to examine herself and her life style.
  • Leah asked 4 important questions that she shares when she teaches on this topic. When you listen in, have a pad and pen ready. Those questions are powerful. The fourth one really penetrated my heart.


  • Leah closes out discussing legacy; what it means, it’s importance and how the world around us impacts us as well.  She shares her heart for the age group of women she’s been purposed by God to reach.

For more of what Leah shared and to hear my heart on each subject that I shared with Leah, please listen to the Podcast. We pray the message will encourage and challenge you just as God is encouraging and challenging Leah and myself to grow even more in His grace and knowledge and to influence people toward Jesus. That’s the legacy worth living and leaving behind. We’re all in this journey together!


LeahAdamsLeah’s Information:

An anointed speaker and author, Leah Adams calls herself ‘the prodigal son’s sister’. In spite of asking Jesus to be the Lord of her life at age 15, Leah chose to walk her own path in her twenties, relegating Jesus to a lesser place. Repeated poor character choices brought significant consequences that eventually turned her heart back to her Savior.  In spite of her poor choices, Jesus never relegated Leah to a lesser place. He was always waiting, with arms open wide, and a heart filled with love, grace, and mercy for her to come back home. In her early thirties, Leah returned to Jesus and fully committed her life to Him.

Leah holds a Pharmacy Doctorate degree from Mercer College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and works part time as a pharmacist. Her real love, however, is speaking and teaching the Scriptures, with the hope of helping others experience the incredible experience that walking with Jesus offers. Leah is passionate about in-depth Bible study because she knows the power of God’s Word to change lives.

Leah is a CLASS certified speaker and has spoken to groups all across the southeast. She is the author of two Bible studies, a devotion book and a set of boxed greeting cards. Leah’s first Bible study, From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy was released in 2010, and her newest offering, entitled HeBrews: A Better Blend will be released by Warner Press in June 2014. Her devotion book, also a Warner Press release, is entitled When Words Won’t Come. Leah lives in northern Georgia with her husband, Greg, who is also her dentist.

Connect with Leah:

Website: www.leahadams.org

Facebook: Leah Adams – The Point Ministries

Twitter: @PointMinistries