Dr. Linda Robinson – a ministry of LOVE

LindaThe Whole Woman with Lisa Shaw welcomed Dr. Linda Robinson, Thursday, November 1, 2012, as our special guest.  Linda is a sweet and powerful force for God on the earth and you’ll know it when you hear her. I love her heart for God and for nurturing women especially with her prison ministry.  Join us as she shares her real faith with us and a precious ministry God has gifted her to do, a ministry of LOVE.  You can connect with Linda on her facebook: www.facebook.com/Linda Robinson.

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God bless!

2 Responses to Dr. Linda Robinson – a ministry of LOVE

  1. Lisa, I continue to thank God for the amazing ministry He has blessed you with. Each post I find so exciting and so necessary in today’s world. You are a beautiful lady and you share many other beautiful women of God. Thank you for running the race, for carrying the torch, and for helping many women in our world. God is using each of you in such special ways!

    • Hi Judy, it is such a blessing to hear from you. I appreciate your kindness, warmth and encouragement, always. I pray the Lord’s continued blessings upon you and your family. Hugs.

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