I had the pleasure to support an amazing and courageous woman through my coaching services. She had a great idea! She was very organized. She had her goals written out and the steps she needed to take. She was very clear about what needed to be done but she faced a dilemma. She said, “Lisa, how can I be so sure of what to do and how to do it but it just doesn’t seem to be working?”  Have you ever felt that way before?

Through asking her a series of questions and assisting her with navigating through to the answers  she realized…

She had all the answers for someone else’s dream. It wasn’t her voice (vision, dreams, purpose, ideas, goals) she was responding to, but rather the voice of someone else that urged her to go in a specific direction that seemed to match her skill set. The problem was it didn’t match her passion or purpose. Skills can be learned but purpose and passion is a heart-focus not a skill set.

By our third coaching session her perspective had changed tremendously. She was discovering her own unique voice. She was nervous and surprised but courageously ready to move forward.

Once we worked on discovering her unique voice I was then able to help her to find her focus. You have to have the right focus in mapping out what’s important to you, setting realistic goals and developing an action plan to get to those goals. But we also worked on the emotional aspect of having to tell the other person that she was completely walking away from their dream to pursue what she knew she was supposed to be doing.

It took some work but she had the tough conversation using the tools she acquired from our coaching sessions. That enabled her to start taking the next steps toward what was important and passionate to her. She was now going to put all of that energy, passion, organizational skill and abilities into the right focus. That’s a win-win!

The obvious benefit to discovering your unique voice is that you will discover what works best for YOU. It will also help you to make decisions that will create growth in the areas of importance to you. For some it’s personal and spiritual growth. For others it may be growth in how you handle your finances, building your business or ministry or in relationships.

Making the decision of growth in any area is powerful and potentially life-changing!

Once you have discovered your unique voice it empowers you to find your focus.

Recently, I made some changes in my business. These changes were not sudden. I did a lot of praying and asking God for wisdom and direction on the what and how in the changes that I needed to make. I learned long ago that leaping by faith is great but wisdom in the leaping is critical! There were many voices from others…emails telling you what to do and how to do it….groups on social media giving direction on what you should do to be successful in specific categories of your business, etc.  Some of the input was useful but most of it I had to put in proper perspective based on what was right for me. In other words, I had to be sure that the changes I was going to make was based on my unique voice and the focus that was important to me based on how I believed God was leading me. To do that, I had to get alone with God in prayer and map it all out and make critical decisions that would help me to continue to do what I do for the amazing women that I have the pleasure to support and serve.

There will often be distractions (some good and some bad), when you need to make significant decisions. Quieting yourself through prayer and meditation is so necessary.  Often I sit alone in a quiet room and after I pray, I sit quietly so that God can give me insight. Involving Him in every aspect of my life is important to me.  I’ve never left a prayer session that didn’t bless and benefit me personally, spiritually, relation-ally or professionally. I invite you to have that same experience with God.

What are you currently giving your time, resources and focus to? Is it really what you desire to do or is it someone else’s good idea?

Are you having difficulty discovering your own unique voice or finding your focus? Do you hear ideas and how-to’s from so many well-meaning people that you are even more confused with what you need to do? Are you ready to work with someone that will coach you to bring out what’s already within you (the answers that are right for YOUR life), to help you get from point A to point B? If so, I’d love to hear from you and see how I may support you in what’s important to YOU. Contact me HERE.

Cheering you on my friend!