If you’re online then you know that many people are talking about eating healthier, getting fit and making lifestyle changes. You’ve seen it on your news-feed right? It’s very important because if we don’t take better care of ourselves we won’t take good care of others. Can I share something with you? I’m not big on laying everything out on social media but I would love to share this with you…Early first quarter I prayed and God put on my heart, “Daughter, I want you to be as fit physically as you are spiritually.” Well that will surely get your attention right?

I started making some significant changes. It’s been slow going but steady. I really became serious about it between late April into July. I felt great. Then…Yes, there’s always a then right? Then, August was a bit rough. An old condition popped up in my foot and all Gym bets was off for two weeks and I had to ease back into it gently so of course it felt as if I started over again! I felt like a runner that burst out of the gate and ran around the track with all of her might just to be told, “Sorry you need to return to the gate and start over!” Yikes!
 So…Yes, there’s always a so. So, I had a moment. I was disappointed by the set-back BUT I reminded myself that living the life I envision is a daily process (consistency) and it requires us to be persistent. I teach and coach it to others in the various areas of concern to them, and I live it too! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Side-note: If the person or people you engage are not living what they are writing, teaching, coaching or consulting on, be careful.

So, I had to remind myself that it’s not a lifestyle of immediate results. It’s a daily work in progress. Sound familiar? We are God’s workmanship — we are a work in progress and if that applies to us spiritually then it certainly will apply to us physically and in other ways.

I shared this with you to say, whatever your goals are keep going. Don’t judge your progress based on what your news-feed says. It may trip you up with D&D’s (distractions that lead to feeling disappointed). Each person’s journey is going to be different. Don’t look at what you can’t see YET but rather get excited over the changes you’re making to be around longer — to be there for your family — to build your business or ministry — to fulfill the purpose that God has for your life, and to impact others in positive ways so that they will live the life they envision. That’s what good leaders do and whether you have a leadership title/position or not, if you are influencing someone then you are a leader.

How about you? Is there an area of focus for you this year that requires you to be consistent and persistent? How are you handling the set-backs?  If you need help with any of these areas and are interested in changing your life through being coached, contact me. I’d love to work with you. Let’s get going. It’s going to be great.

Cheering you on!