Cleaned Up and Uncluttered!

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By Angie Knight

Many years ago I had a friend stop by my house and make this statement: “I just love coming into your house—it feels like an old timey store”.

Her statement made me feel proud of the “antique” and old fashioned items we had collected over the years for our little shot-gun style farmhouse.

Years have passed—and with aging-and changing, I have found that “things” are not what I desire.

Things have a way of occupying more than just the time it takes to dust. Things occupy space and money.

On my first mission trip, I looked at hundreds of happy faces, worn with fatigue and hardship, but happy nonetheless. That eye-opening trip, I gave away almost everything I had brought with me. I realized as I was leaving things behind in that village what I didn’t need. I had “another” one at home. More shoes, more shirts, more pants, more of everything.

Back home, I was different. I looked at what I had differently. Years earlier we moved from the farmhouse, and I had long since separated myself from the “quaint store” look of displaying every little knick-knack. Yet I still had accumulations of too much stuff.

What to do?

I began little by little removing things. Decorations, knick-knacks, clutter.

In January of this year, I attacked my closet with a vengeance. I took out everything and only put back “matching items”—and I took out those things that “surely I will one day fit into again”… If I do, great!—I will celebrate the weight loss with a new shirt-or pants. But I refuse to hang onto things that don’t “fit” … just because one day –it might.

It felt good to clean out! To finally be free from the encumbrance of what was cluttering up my closet and causing me to waste valuable time “searching through the unusable and unwearable”…

This change caused me to reflect on my heart. What was inside that I was clinging to? —Past hurts, neglect, defeat, depression, loss, anxiety? All of that and more.

I began a thorough soul search. I sat before God each day and asked The Holy Spirit to reveal the broken down places in me. The places where I had fallen short of being what He had designed and purposed. I asked Jesus to remove all the things that weighed me down.

I wrote it out, I prayed it out, and, I wept it out. Life and my perspective began to change… I took a long look in the mirror of my soul and realized I was wearing things that didn’t fit a Christian.

What doesn’t fit? The Bible speaks so clearly what should not be in a Believer’s wardrobe. Grab your Bible and flip to Galatians 5:19-21.

You and I can readily identify what’s hanging in our “personal closet”. The Bible is also clear that if we have [any of] these things—hanging around—cluttering up our lives we will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

I solemnly assure you, as I did before, that those who indulge in such things will never inherit God’s kingdom. Galatians 5:21(b) (J.P. Phillips New Testament Translation)

The Bible goes on to say what “should” be part of our everyday wardrobe (lives):
• Love
• Joy
• Peace
• Patience
• Kindness
• Goodness
• Faithfulness
• Gentleness
• Self-control (Galatians 5:22)

It is a daily and purposeful decision to put on the attributes of Jesus Christ. And to “keep these garments on, we must attach it all with the whole armor of God (Ephesians 5:10-18).

Only by wearing His armor daily—fully giving ourselves over to Him, are we able to withstand the enemy of this world.

I would like to challenge you today. Go to your closet and drawers. Inventory what’s there. Look at the surplus. Be honest girl. Get real with yourself. There is a woman somewhere who would love to have that dress that you haven’t worn in a year. Guys—same thing goes. Be honest with yourself. Clean out that closet! My husband cleans and organizes his closet at least twice a year.

Okay, what does that look like?

Begin with boxes or bags. Whichever works for you. I personally use both. A give-away bag, a mendable stack (to take to my sewing machine –for only those items I truly enjoy and wear and KNOW that I will mend it); and a keep box. It helps to keep in-season items only in my closet. The box is used to store my out of season things. Side note: I love to put a nice lavender scented soap in my storage box—that way the clothes smell fresh when I take them out to hang.

Sometimes it helps to have a friend over—one who will be “real” with you. I try on things—match things up and discard what doesn’t work. It is a day-long-process. But you will be amazed at how you feel when you finish! Clean! Uncluttered!

As you clean out your closet, reflect on the Word. Inventory your heart. Ask Jesus to help you rid your life of the sin and clutter. You will be AMAZED at how good it feels!

Clean! Uncluttered!

© Angie Knight 2014-The Knightly News. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

2011-10-14 Sisters-Daughters Day 2011 068Angie Knight.  I am a mission-minded grandmother—who never dreamed that “I”, a deep rooted country girl, would ever step foot outside the United States. But I did. That day—stepping into another world- just a few hours plane ride from here, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, changed my life forever.

Coming from an almost single parent home, I learned of Jesus from my mother’s heart, soon realizing that is exactly where real life and strength lies–in Jesus Christ.

The call of God to ministry came at the ripe age of 40 something. I still ask Him “why me?” He still answers, “Because you said “yes”.

What an incredible journey! I feel a pause today in my heart –“We’ve only just begun”.
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3 Responses to Cleaned Up and Uncluttered!

  1. I’m always enlivened and challenged by decluttering posts! Today is no exception. As I head into the abyss, I know I’ll emerge lighter . . . freer. Thanks for the prompt.

  2. Angie,

    I have always enjoyed sermons, messages, teachings, blog posts, etc. that are meaty. I don’t like fluff and “feel good” solely messages. Personally, I’ve never seen them promote growth. I love, however, to read that which is Word based–that will then stimulate, encourage, comfort and challenge one to grow. Your words above do just that. It causes one to have to think and be willing to be open to being challenged about how we are living and that promotes growth and that—–gives HONOR and GLORY to GOD in our lives. For that, thank you for being transparent and pouring out truth that will touch the lives of many.

    Blessings and love for His glory!

  3. Angie,
    I can relate practically and spiritually. I spent an afternoon going through my kids closets (when they were younger) and I had many big lawn bags filled with clothes. Yet when I looked back in their closets- they were still full…how is that? Time to do some closet reduction of my own in my home …and in my heart.

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