Broken Fellowship

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By Marilyn Harrell

I am still hot and sweaty from my mile-and-a-half walk this morning but wanted to write something down before I forgot it! I like to get out and walk earlier than this but was running late today. I know…..some of you younger women who are into running are thinking what’s the big deal about a little mile-and-a-half walk??? Well, for starters, I’m old! I’m not in good shape. Plus it’s very hot and VERY HUMID here in the South. I think that about covers it! ha

While walking I happened to look up at the trees lining our driveway. This was an unusual gesture for me as I normally keep my eyes on the road so I won’t stumble on a rock or a tree root or some such thing. As I looked up I saw a lot of brown leaves on one tree. Because we have been very low on rain the past month I was afraid it was beginning to die from lack of water. After further inspection I saw that the limb had been broken and was just hanging. It was probably the result of high winds months ago and was just not noticed until today.


I immediately thought about “broken fellowship” and how it dries up our spirit. It doesn’t matter it we have broken fellowship with a friend or a relative or if we have gotten mad at God Himself. When we are not right with others we are not right with God. And the nourishment we get from a relationship with Him stops. We start to dry out and not be productive Christians anymore. We’re not any good and might even have to be removed. That’s what needs to be done to this dead branch on our tree. It needs to be cut off and thrown away.

I needed this object lesson this morning. It’s so easy to get our feelings hurt. It’s so easy to hang on to those mean words someone said to us. But when we do, we are cutting off our life-line and drying up little by little. Hebrews 10: 24 (KJV) “And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:”

Today would be a good day to get back into fellowship with God if you have been shunning Him for whatever reason. I talked to a lady recently who told me that when her mother died she got mad at God and would not go to church for many years. She finally started going a little and then her sister died two years ago. She said she got mad at God again and didn’t think she would ever go back to church. She said her thoughts were if God didn’t think any more of her than to take away two of her most precious relatives then she didn’t want to have anything to do with Him. Of course, that’s just Satan’s way of getting us to doubt God and His goodness!

But…happily…this lady is now coming to church and seems to be interested in knowing more about God. I can see her “coming back to life” and soaking up the water of the Word. Pray that she will soon totally give her life to Jesus Christ. “He watereth the hills from his chambers; the earth is satisfied with the fruit of thy works. The trees of the LORD are full of sap; the cedars of Lebanon, which he hath planted;” Psalm 104: 13 and 16 (KJV)

Does your walk with Jesus have areas of Broken Fellowship that need repair?

P1010895Marilyn Harrell likes writing, in general, but especially when I can write about Jesus speaking to me through ordinary, everyday things which magnify His presence in my life. I want to live a Christ honoring life and am active in our church, work as a volunteer in a local crisis pregnancy center, lead group Bible studies, love to cook and read, and was a homeschool mom to our three children for sixteen years. My husband and I are in our retirement years now and enjoy doing many things together. Please connect with Marilyn at her blog: Walking in Truth


10 Responses to Broken Fellowship

  1. I always think, too, that our relationships parallel our relationship with Jesus. It’s always been a red flag to me when I’m not loving someone right or there’s unforgiveness. It’s a must to get that right! I’m a walker too and am only up to a mile (and so happy I can manage that!!!)

  2. A broken branch, parched and dry without the water from the Vine. That’s been my story on so many occasions. I pray to always stay tethered to the Vine and for God’s swift correction in my spirit when I break away. I don’t mean to break away; not really. But if I don’t carefully guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, I’m easily moved to a lesser place. Blessings, Marilyn, and for the record – I’m WITH YOU when it comes to morning walks in the cool of the day.

  3. I love this woman. She has been my friend for many years. I have watched her grow In grace over the years. She has been an inspiration to me .

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