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When I got my copy of No Fear, the first thing I did was scan the table of contents. Topics such as, Who Told You That You Can’t? What are You Hiding Behind? Your Internal and External Dialogue and Permission to Reinvent Yourself, made me look forward to having a quiet moment to delve into the book because at one time or another I’ve been paralyzed by many of them.

I was not disappointed. I found so much eye opening information between the pages. The workbook style encourages you to really look within yourself and find what you’re afraid of and confront it. It makes you want to dust off old forgotten dreams and have another go at them. Lisa Shaw speaks to the very heart of the reader and encourages you to not allow fear to grip you but let it be an opportunity for growth. (Please click HERE for the rest of Bernadine’s amazing review).

Lisa, this is one of the best books on fear that I’ve read and I’ve read a few because I’ve really had a tough time of it for a number of years. I loved the whole book but the chapter that I really marked all over was Fear Will Grip You Or Grow You.  I even had an additional cup of coffee and went back over it a second time. I was also encouraged in the chapter You Have The Courage To Do It. I just want you to know that I’m registering to return to school after 16 years of waiting and it’s primarily because your book gave me the ability to see something deeper inside of me and really address it. I’m not a super spiritual person, respectfully, but I do ask for a prayer or two as I register. I really was encouraged even in your bible references. Your writing made me feel that you welcome helping anyone. Thank you for that. I send well wishes your way. Best regards, Cheryl

“It’s your right to remove yourself from anything that doesn’t improve, enhance, or support your life.” These words from Ms. Lisa‘s book spoke to me. It went deep into the core root of my soul.”LaShawn G.

“A special thank you to Pastor Lisa Shaw, after attending your workshop ” This year No Fear” it has encouraged me to step outside the box!! As mentioned in her book,”No Fear” Chapter 10, I will reinvent myself!” Jessica Rodriguez

“Have you ever read a book that was just what you needed? This one was it for me.

Lisa writes in a conversational style that I love. It’s like having a personal coach right beside you. I’m in a place in life right now where I would love to finally complete a book I’ve been working on for too many years. I tend to use the excuse of no time but as I read Lisa’s words I realize it really is fear that is holding me back. What if my book is no good? What if nobody buys it except my close friends and family?

Listen to this quote from Lisa’s book:

“While we can’t control the when and the how of fear, we can learn to control our response to it.” (To read Debbie Petra’s entire book recommendation please visit my Blog link HERE.


Lisa’s First Book Reviews

You are Beautiful in God's Eyes, By Lisa ShawThank you for writing this book Lisa Shaw Cares! It is such a blessing! as you are! God bless you LisaBabette Castanos

“I absolutely LOVE this study!! It really helped me step forward in believing who I am in Christ and how beautiful and special I am!! TY Pastor Lisa Shaw” ~ Kris Whitman

“Your book was a catalyst to my healing in knowing God’s love for me” ~ H.M.

“Lisa published her first eBook entitled “You Are Beautiful in God’s Eyes”.  I asked Lisa questions regarding this new venture and I want to share her answers with you.  “You Are Beautiful in God’s Eyes” seems to be so personal to you Lisa.  Why did you choose to write this book now?”  To read the full interview, please click this link:~ Debbie’s Blog, Heart Choices.

“Lisa Shaw, you have allowed God to work through you to bless the masses of people that have read this book and will read this book. He is Amazing in what He does in our lives when we obey. He has anointed you with a gift that you are using to bless others and glorify Him. Isn’t that the way God wants us to work?” ~ Johnine M.

“After church today, I finished your book. It’s an extension of Lisa, the words that Jesus has given you to share, and to me, it’s a message of hope. How beautifully you point out the lies of satan, and how he never gets tired, and how we fall for his tricks based on who we were or what we may have been through. The hope in Jesus is for all of us, and His love for us is the source of all the hope that lives within when we are His. In such a precious way you have conveyed this, Lisa. I knew before I read it that it would bless so many… today I am one of them!  I love you, love your heart, love your honesty and love this message!!! It’s what changed our lives, and will always be the hope we know is fresh every morning.” ~Sonja G.

“Your book is such an easy read.  It gives me encouragement to continue in my own book pursuit.  Your style of writing is so simple, yet elegant and poised, full of grace & down to earth. I’m really enjoying it.  Thanks for writing it. Hugs!” ~Heaven M.

“You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes is more than just one strong woman’s story. It is a message of hope for every woman who has ever felt any type of negativity about herself.  For all those who told you you are unattractive–will never make it in life–is not good enough, God’s love pours out behind Lisa Shaw’s story as a calm reminder to not listen to the lies of the enemy.  When reading You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes it is as if you are conversing with this lovely lady over a nice cup of tea in the living room. She conveys a very familiar and humble voice behind her words enticing the readers heart.  Speaking not just as Lisa’s baby girl, but as an eighteen year old young lady; this story tugs on those emotional strings we as women face daily and eases the stress causing one to realize just how beautiful you are in God’s eyes.  Please allow her story to unfold your broken heart and reveal the beauty God sees in you.”  ~Adriana Shaw

“Loving the book Lisa!! Perfect timing for this book in my life.  It is time for me to get over the past and move on to all God has for me.  This book is terrific!! It has lead me on a beautiful journey to finding out all of what God says I am and to BELIEVING it too!! I love you, my sweet sister in Christ”. ~Dawn W.

“About the part that touched me, I loved that you started with how God sees us.  I think as Christian women we often just read the scriptures that tell us how God sees us and feels about us but we don’t allow it to sink in as we should.  Your book encourages us to do just that.  I’m happy that you followed His prompting and wrote the book”. ~Bernadine M.  (For more review on the Book from Bernadine please visit her Blog HERE.

“I am reading your book precious sis, it is very awesome, and encouraging. I love you.” ~Denise O.

“Lisa I just can’t express enough how awesome God is for leading you to write this wonderful book for women like me that has been tore down by the lies of the evil one, I do want to pass it on but for a little while I just want to keep taking it in like a fresh glass of water on a hot summer day, God Bless, love and prayers always.” ~Susie R.

“Thank you so much for the book you wrote and your book changed my life. Also, it makes me understand the things that’s going on in my life a little more based on your life’s troubles that you been through.” ~ Carey N.

“I loved reading “You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes”. You are such a blessing.” ~ Cindy H.

“For those of you, who are familiar with Lisa Shaw, are aware of her love for God and His people. She is an Awesome Woman of God with a caring heart and brings along inspiration where ever she goes. When she announced she was writing a book, I knew I definitely had to get my hands on it and boy, I’m glad I did!…”(for the rest of Deaconess Aretha Turner’s review please click this direct link: Sisters of Honor.

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