Are you cluttered in this area?

When we think of clutter we typically think of a home closet or an office right? But there's another area we must be careful of clutter. If you're like me you have times when your desk and entire office has looked like this... When in your mind it looks like this......

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Welcome. Are you ready?

  Whether this is your first time visiting or you are returning, we want to welcome you to  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit.  We've been hard at work making changes to the website to fit this new phase of the...

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Is doubt getting in your way?

Are you feeling hindered in your life? You love God and desire to living fully for Him but something--something is getting in the way. Could it be doubt? Is doubt getting in your way?  Tune in to The Whole Woman online radio Podcast to find out how to deal with doubt...

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Are you where you need to be?

Are you where you need to be? Often, if we hear that question we view it as a negative because we begin to look at our lives and we immediately reply, "No. I'm not where I need to be."  Today, Lisa wants to challenge and encourage you to take a different perspective...

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Begin with the end in mind

Do you live with the mindset of beginning with the end in mind? Listen to the Podcast today on The Whole Woman online radio program: Begin with the end in mind.  I believe you'll be challenged and encouraged so grab your bible, pad and pen and a cup of...

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