Beautiful In His Eyes

LisaShawCares_NurtureWomanWith tears in her eyes, she approached me to sign my book, You Are Beautiful in God’s Eyes, which she had just purchased.  I smiled and reached for her hand. The book could wait, because I could see that her heart was tender.  She said, “Lisa, thank you so much for all you shared. I have been a Christian for over ten years and have never felt beautiful in God’s eyes or anyone else eyes until today…I felt like you spoke my story.”

She poured out her heart and I listened attentively as the tears flowed down her cheeks. When she paused, I wrapped my arms around her, drew her close and whispered into her ear, “How great is the love of the Father so lavished upon you that you are called a child of God and that is exactly what you are (Reference 1 John 3:1), and you are beautiful in His eyes because you are His.”  I felt the tension loosen in her body as she gave in to the hug. With her face buried on my blouse, she wept. I wept with her but not for the pain she had no doubt walked through in her life, but rather I wept because that day healing had begun in her heart as her mind was beginning to be transformed through God’s truth.  What had once negatively defined her was being broken.

What is defining you? Is it past pain, negative thoughts, television commercials and magazines that tell you what you should look like or how you should behave as a woman?  Please don’t allow anything to define you other than God’s Word. Dig deep into His Word and find out what God sees when He looks at you and then dare to believe it! You are bright, brilliant and beautiful because you are His.

You are needed on this earth for this time.  Your voice and experiences are needed. You have the incredible opportunity and privilege to be God’s heart and hands on the earth. Yes, you are significant.  God does not define us by our past behavior, looks, performance, social status, education levels or our accomplishments.  When He looks at you He sees His child, precious in His sight. You are a woman of value and purpose. God is not looking for you to jump through hoops to perform for Him. You have His unconditional love. Now the question is what are you going to do with this awesome truth, the truth that you are beautiful in God’s eyes?

May I challenge you to look in the mirror right now and say it, “I am beautiful in God’s eyes and I dare to believe it! I dare to believe Him!” Then, thank Him.  You are His workmanship. His hand writing is on your life. Even that which has been hurtful to you, God will turn it to good in your life. Trust in Him. Trust His love and purpose for your life.

I had the pleasure of sharing the message for Sandy Hall of the Pink Ladies.

pinkladies_sandyhallI am praying for you even now.

Lisa Shaw

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