I was about 19 years old. I was asked to participate in a charitable walk-race. I had not done that previously and didn’t know what to expect. I was asked to raise funds and told to dress light on the day of the race and wear comfortable shoes.  The day of the race I showed up in jeans, a T-shirt and a sweat band around my head and a pair of old kick-around sneakers. Sneakers just wasn’t a part of my attire. I was a city girl who loved sling-back heels.

I thought I was set for this walk-race. As you can imagine it was the worst experience I had ever had.  The sun baked me in the jeans. I had blisters on my feet, a horrible heat headache and no water bottle with me. I grabbed a few Dixie cups of water along the path from the pit-stops.  Silly me didn’t have any breakfast and I was lightheaded. By the end of the race I literally fainted from dehydration and heat.

What does this have to do with avoiding last minute problems in reaching your goals? Everything. I wasn’t prepared up until the last minute before the race I looked around and knew that I wasn’t as prepared as some of the more seasoned walkers and runners. I had put the cart before the horse. I jumped into something that I was not properly prepared to handle and I paid for it for a few weeks of physical pain — cramps, blisters and sores.

At times people put the cart before the horse. Something sounds good so they jump into it and in doing so they underestimate what it will cost them personally, physically, financially and perhaps spiritually or relational.

I often see amazingly gifted women jump into starting ministries or businesses based on their passion and gifting but they have not asked themselves key questions to determine if they are REALLY ready to step into that particular venture. They look for confirmation from family, friends or spiritual advisors but they still have not asked themselves the necessary questions to move forward. That can lead to trouble down the road.

If the horse is not leading the cart then the cart won’t move. The cart can’t lead the horse. Unless the horse is positioned to support, pull and lead the cart then you’ll be at a standstill. Excitement can cause a person to put the cart before the horse. A good idea, the encouragement of a well-intention family member or friend, the fear of aging before accomplishing something, paying attention to what others are doing are all situations that can cause a person to put the cart before the horse. There is nothing wrong with a healthy level of excitement and determination but it must accompany planning and preparation before progressing forward.

We can’t avoid all problems but there are last minute problems that surface as a result of putting the cart before the horse.  To avoid that, ask yourself this very important question:

Are you REALLY ready?

Have you addressed the areas important to you and to your family? Have you anticipated in advanced those things which may come up? If so, have you prepared a plan of action in the event those situations arise? Take the time that you need to answer those questions prayerfully and carefully and put yourself in a position to achieve your goals. I want you to reach your goals and I’m here to help you to get ready. Don’t hesitate to contact me to work through some of those areas of concern.

Cheering you on!