Are you where you need to be?

Are you where you need to be? Often, if we hear that question we view it as a negative because we begin to look at our lives and we immediately reply, “No. I’m not where I need to be.”  Today, Lisa wants to challenge and encourage you to take a different perspective so you don’t want to miss this.

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God bless you.

2 Responses to Are you where you need to be?

  1. Thank you for sharing this Word Of God. And I thank you for your ministry. I found you on pinterest it has been a blessing. I will be looking out for on youtube. Praise God Yes I’m where I need to be on the way to where I’m going. And there’s purpose in the process.

    • Amen Veronica. I thank God that you were blessed in the message and I’m grateful that in some way you are being empowered through Lisa Shaw Cares. I’ll have to look you up on Pinterest. 🙂 Keep going in God. You have an incredible destiny ahead!! Blessings and love.

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