Is people-pleasing crippling you?  No matter what we get free from if we are not free from the words and expectations of people, we will never truly live free.  Lisa Shaw knows that first hand.  Coming from a crippling past of fear and people-pleasing Lisa knows how it feels to be addicted to the approval of others so much so she made many unhealthy and wrong choices in her life to appease the people around her.  God’s Word helped FREE Lisa from the NEED to PLEASE.  We should care about others. We should care, to some degree, what people think about us however when that boils over into unhealthy mindsets and behaviors due to the unrealistic and perhaps toxic expectations of others or the words of people used to tear you down rather than to build you up; that’s when we must take pause and take back our freedom–the freedom Jesus provided for us.

People-pleasing is often due to a deeper rooted problem. For Lisa it was fear and a large part of her life was dictated by fear. One of the ways it manifested was through people-pleasing.  Is that a struggle for you? Don’t beat yourself up. There’s hope and help in God’s Word.

This broadcast originally aired on April 12, 2012.  Lisa’s prayer is that this message will help you to break through the “need to please” and live a life realizing your value and validation has already been set by, in and through God. He loves you!