Lisa Shaw Radio iTunes FINALWomen, we are often nurtures, caregivers and maternal but at times, we can treat each other in ways that are not pleasing to God. Ways that may make us wonder if we are really acting like we know Christ.  It’s not only important how we treat each other as Christ followers to be pleasing to God, but also because it will bare our witness.  There are women who don’t know Christ yet that are encountering us. What are we showing them in how we treat each other, and in how we treat them?

I don’t believe anything is in the Bible by accident.  I believe it’s all divinely designed to help us not to harm us, to challenge and mature us as Christ followers.  There are numerous men and women in the Bible whose stories we can learn from.  This series, Are we helping or hindering each other as women will focus on certain women in the Bible.  We’ll look at the connections between several women and see what we can learn for our friendships and how we can better support each other as women.  Through this series, my prayer is that we’ll also yield to the Holy Spirit in how we treat other women as well.  Are we helping or hindering–healing or hurting each other? Let’s find out together.