A Father’s integrity

I invite you to read my youngest daughter’s heart as she shares in this special season of Father’s Day and her turning 21 years old this Wednesday, as a young lady who walks with Jesus.

Woman walking cross country and trail in autumn forestBy Adriana Shaw

Proverbs 10: 9 “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely…”

A wise father is one who chooses to love Jesus more than they love others or even themselves. In choosing the introductory scripture above, I decided to include a portion of the scripture as it contains an essential trait behind the love of a good father: integrity, thus describes how I view my own father.  A man who lives with integrity through Jesus is one who will make a good father.

As a Christian, we are taught to understand the relationship we have with God is likened to a father and child’s relationship. Meaning, we are to look to God as not just a powerful deity but our Heavenly Father. But, what does this look like? Specifically, a father is one who loves their child, is present throughout their life, provides protection, and is a consistent example of how God intended for men to live on this earth: as Christ-centered gentlemen.

Jesus models the representation of how men are expected to be as good fathers.  He is patient, gentle, self controlled, loving, a safe place, respectful, and a myriad of other essential things for us. This is representative of how I have grown to view my own Dad. Since I was young my dad has always exemplified the ways in which Jesus loves me. He has stood by me, and offered much wisdom and guidance through all my challenges and excitements.

Lastly, he has been a guiding light to other loved ones and friends in my life who sadly do not have a dad to stick by them. To all good fathers, appreciation is well deserved as they provide a consistent light to the heart of Jesus.

Adriana_WWWJesusAdriana Shaw. A early 20-something, Jesus-loving, college student majoring in nuclear medicine. She enjoys expressive writing, singing in worship to the Lord and hanging out with friends. Adriana has a heart to help other young women and men to see their potential in God. She is also the youngest daughter of Lisa Shaw.

9 Responses to A Father’s integrity

  1. Adriana,

    I am grateful that God decided to gift your Daddy and I with your life. I am also grateful for the Daddy Abba Father is to you and that your earthly Daddy is to you. I am thankful for the relationship that you have walking with Jesus as you continue to grow in Him. You are deeply loved by the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, your Daddy and me. 😉 <3

    Blessings on this big next journey of your life turning 21 years old!! God has great plans for you!

    I love you.

  2. How blessed you are to have a godly father. Unfortunately, that seems to be rare these days. Your dad taught you well as I see you walking with Jesus. That is the legacy parents need to desire; that their children walk with HIm. I’m sure your dad will be so blessed by your words here today.

    Blessings and love,

  3. You nailed it in your first sentence, Adriana. Loving Jesus is key and leads to security. How blessed you are to have a father who has that kind of integrity! A loving father points the way for us to trust our Heavenly Father.

    Bless you,

  4. Adriana, it really blessed me to read how your father has been such a godly influence in your life! Men like your father seem to be few and far between in this day and age. I also had a godly Daddy and have a godly husband and father to our children. May God bless you as you continue to grow and live for our Lord Jesus!

  5. This is a beautiful tribute to your dad, Adriana. I know it blesses his heart, and your mom & dad are also very blessed to have your for their daughter! 🙂


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