9 Week Online Audio Book Study Companion


Welcome! Grab your hot coffee, hot chai Tea or a glass of cool water along with your bible, pad and pen and prepare to be blessed, challenged and empowered as you listen in to a 9 week study (approximately 9 hours) of Lisa’s book: You Are Beautiful In God’s Eyes.

Often, as women, we feel defined by the world–the magazine racks, commercials our past and the words of others penetrates our minds and hearts and shapes our lives.  When we truly see ourselves through the eyes of God’s word healing sets in, courage rises up and we are able to build and blossom in our lives the way God intended.  One thing that Lisa had to learn long ago, is that whatever she allows to define her is what will shape or break her life.  After years of pain from her broken childhood and young adult years, she chose to be defined by God’s word. She’s been living that ever since and He called her to help other women to do the same and she’s been privileged to do so for over 16 years. She prays to encourage you!

While this study can be listened to alone, it is most effective with the book and companion study guide which can be obtained at the Store link.

Please remember streaming the audio below is meant for you and you alone. 


Chapter 1: What Does God Say About You? Do you know what He sees when He looks at you?

Chapter 2: The World’s View.  Are we defining ourselves by the world’s view or the Word’s view?

Chapter 3: Past Pain.  Past pain unresolved can hinder how women view themselves.  God’s restorative power can heal your heart.

Chapter 4: Hurting Words. We’ve all been on the receiving end of words that hurt us.  Let’s see how this untamed organ (tongue) has impacted our ability to see ourselves through God’s eyes.

Chapter 5: I Need A Man To Complete Me.  Many women feel that way. Let’s see how that affects our ability to see ourselves through God’s eyes.

Part 1 of Chapter 6: Defeating Ourselves.  God had to help Lisa in this area long ago. Our words shape or break us. Find out how.

Part 2 of Chapter 6: Defeating Ourselves.  Our thoughts and words will shape or break us. It’s our choice. I choose LIFE.

Chapter 7: Living Apart from His Truth. Find out how our lives are impacted as women when we live apart from God’s truth.

Chapter 8: Straddling the Fence. As with other areas of our lives; walking with God all the way, is a decision that must be made deliberately.  We may think we are walking with Him when there’s areas of our lives that we are fence straddling.

Final week: Chapter 9: Deeper Beauty.  There’s a beauty that is far more important than our physical features and body size and it’s our deeper beauty. Find out how understanding that will change your life as a Christian woman.

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